Welding Solution

With the help of our extensive experience, research and support centres we have been able to establish long term relationships with the major equipment producers in our field. We are AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTORS & stockists for the following brands/products along with several other varieties.

Abicor Binzel: MIG (Inert Gas) Welding Equipments, Manual and Robotic torches and consumables.
Ador Welding: Arc Welding Equipments, Rectifier Machines, consumables as Electrodes, accessories etc.
ASHA: Oxy-Fuel (Gas) welding and cutting products.
Bosch: Power Tools for cutting, grinding, buffing, drilling etc.
CHECKMATE CHEMITALS: Developer, Penetrant and Cleaner kits (Chemical reagent, diagnosis kit)
CONCORD ARAI: Safety helmets for Firemen, Labour, Engineers etc.
Esab India: Oxy-fuel (Gas) Welding and Cutting equipments, Electrodes, MIG wire, Filler wire etc. 
HONAVAR INDIA: All types of Electrodes and CO2 MIG wire.
JAYSHRI: Oxy-fuel (Gas) welding and cutting products, accessories, Straight cutting machine, Stainless Steel Portable and Cabinet ovens for electrodes and flux, Welding cables, Hose pipes etc.
MISATU WELDQUIP:  Stainless steel regulators (for special purpose), Manifold systems, Electrode Holders etc
Pilot: Light weight High pressure (L.W.H.P) welding torches and Spray guns.
SAP: TIG (Tungsten inert gas) welding torches, tungsten electrodes, accessories etc
STANVAC: Maintenance Aerosols, Lubrication, Epoxy coatings etc.
WELDCUT: Oxy-fuel (Gas) welding and cutting products and accessories
Welspring Universal: Welding holders, Cable connectors, Welding helmets etc.

We also deal in specialized/imported products required for different kinds of Welding Process. All kinds of accessories and spare parts available in ready stock.